Stuff I Still Got For Sale...

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17in Konig Imagines w/Falken Ziex Ze-502 205/40ZR17 tires
B16 brakes: $200
D16A6 complete motor, parting out
12in Pioneer IMPP Premier Sub in a bandpass box
6 3/4 Alpine Type R components
6x9 Alpine Type R components
15in hubcaps from a '01 civic ex
Prelude H22: AEM short ram with filter
B18A Longblock, some items missing

Custom B16 mounts for 88-91 civic/crx with rear engine bracket: $250 shipped

from my brothers 89/91 civic hatchback:
88-89 stock headlights
88-89 stock corner lights...
88-89 stock bumper lights
88-89 stock taillights
90-91 stock bumper lights
90-91 stock corner lights
88-89 si stock shocks w/springs
14in pepboys hubcaps

go here for pics:
For sale pics