stupid truck

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i was driving nicely down the street when some mf tries to changes lanes into, me i swerve into the lane that could have been oncoming traffic. the GIRL in the jacked up truck just kept coming, i think she was tring to kill me. i hate women driving trucks.
I think that people who drive large vehicles like F250s, expiditions, most other SUVs and large full sized vans should have to pass a Truckers license test. Too many people drive their 8000 pound SUVs like they are go-karts around here, swerving in and out of traffic. Maybe if people had to take extra driving classes for large vehicles then they would know how to drive them well.
Originally posted by Prowler@Oct 27 2002, 10:32 PM
Women+cellphone+SUV=Death to compact car owners.

No... that = Death to ALL people on the road. fucking stupid bitches.... grr i just got home and i was almost killed twice in a matter of 30 seconds.

1st one= dumb bitch doing here makeup in the mirror in the fucking sunvisor, almost swerved into me..

2nd one= dumb bitch trying to merge into 80mph traffic doing 30-35...

i hate that.
I wish I had some sort of paintballgun that shot paintballs that when the exploded painted across the surface "I 4m 4 l0s3r" for everyone to see.


You also have to add to the list of asshole drivers, the old guy who can't drive for shit in traffic that reads the fucking newspaper while driving.
Originally posted by zueke@Oct 27 2002, 10:26 PM
Too many people drive their 8000 pound SUVs like they are go-karts around here, swerving in and out of traffic.

:werd: :werd: :werd:

actress Rebecca Gayheart ran over a 10 yr old crossing a residential street while she was on the cell driving her SUV. she was wondering why the guy in front of her was stopped, so she went around him and struck the kid in the crosswalk. ths kid died at the hospital. happened a couple years ago i think.
here's the answer to the above questions regarding the actress (copied from a website):

Instead of a year in the county jail, Rebecca Gayheart was handed three-years probation, one-year license suspension, 750 hours of community service and a $2800 fine. The judge also ordered Ms. Gayheart to record a public-service announcement.

Very distraught and regretful, the Noxema girl plead guilty to a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge from the accident on June 13th that claimed the life of 9-year-old Jorge Cruz, Jr. The district attorney is finished with Rebecca but the Cruz family has filed a wrongful suit death against the actress as well. Both parties hope to settle without going to trial. The Urban Legend star paid for the the boy's hospital and funeral expenses and has offered to pay for family grief counseling too.

She made her way out of the courtroom away from the media as her attorney made a brief statement. "It was the worst thing that could have happened to her, killing a child. She feels terrible. She will make a video that highlights the dangers of jaywalking, of drivers who don't stop when other cars have stopped, and parents who don't properly educate their children."

here she is...i think shes hot (of course)
I want a banshee with dubz yo! LMAO
As for Ms. Gayheart...
Id put one in her, shit maybe 2 or 3!