Stupid tb question

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I googled my question but couldn't find anything specific.. I was hoping that they did not use the 3 wire iacv on the 00 to 06 hrv but they apparently did. I just ordered an 00 ex manual intake manifold with the iacv and i will just have to mickey mouse some connections for it for now and change the pin outs at the plug since this harness that came with the motor has been chopped and ran through the drivers side firewall anyway. Question is about the throttle cable though. Is there any mods that i am going to run into needing for it if I am using the d16a (y8 style) auto TB on the y8 manual intake manifold? I'm assuming not but I would like to figure out as many of the issues before hand as I can. Also, I know there are plenty of people against it, but is there really any specific reason not to do the crank sensor elimination mod?