Suge Knights number 323-852-5023

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Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord+Dec 19 2002, 06:13 PM-->
@Dec 19 2002, 04:09 PM
he'd lay the smack down on my wizack bizatch

We're so white. :lol:


i called was quite funny i posted the conversation on my car club forum....

this was the conversation...


Receptionist: suge knights office...

IceMan: Suge please....

Receptionist: He's not here...

IceMan: tell him to call me at my office...that motherfucker owes me a ton money, he didnt suck my dick like he said....fucken faggot....

Receptionist: Ok, let him know whats yoiur number?

IceMan: 323-suckmydick bitch bye!
Originally posted by initialauto@Dec 19 2002, 06:58 PM
suge comin back with tha row records. he's trying to get bay area rappers now. niggaz in the bay got flowz. yay area is comin up.

he's gotta do something to contend with what the east and dirty south has done lately. ever since pac, the west has been dead. This whack ass shit Snoop is putting out? Come on..

"3 14 inch rims are rollin on the side, 3 14 inch rims are rollin on the side.."

WTF? He needs to lay off the weed. Burn ass people.

I have always been a fan of the west coast over the east coast stuff, shit, i still bump Dre's "Tha Chronic" cd.

btw, Tha Row was searched about a month and a half ago for evidence on over 10 homicides, Suge needs to clear his name and get away from the game and make music.. STOP KILLN!!
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 19 2002, 06:09 PM
I aint callign him! shit!

he'd lay the smack down on my wizack bizatch

??? He's gonna Rock Bottom your crazy girlfriend. LMAO stick to cars sol your ebonics are broken at best.

Note: you are now whiter for saying that. -5 cool points :lol:
Suge needs to clear his name and get away from the game and make music.. STOP KILLN!!

suge and get away from the game dont mix. that'll never happen. i agree west coast will always rule over east coast. pac is still the king when it comes to west coast, i still bump his music. i dont play that new nelly or ja rule (wannabe pac). IMO they suck. the bay area got some sick ass rappers, did u hear what C-BO did to master P?? well if not i tell u, master p gave C-BO either 10 or 15g's to be on one of his tracks. C-BO took the money and walked away. never even did the track with master p. and p cant do shit, C-BO controls the major drug flow in the yay. oakland niggaz are crazy, that's y suge never went there b4. but now hes trying to get them cuz he knows that's where all the tight ass rappers are. i agree snoops new shit sux. i stopped listneing to him ever since he left deathrow. anywayz latez.