Supercharger Or Turbo?

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I have heard that the jackson supercharger sucks on the b18b and I was wondering what engine was best to supercharge if not the b18b or should I just turbo it.
i agree. superchargers are terrible for the money, they would be good for auto-x but if your looking for peak hp and upgradability, turbo is yoyur only choice.
it has all the negative aspects of a turbo (lag) without the benefits. whats the point?

i like the supercharger idea. instant power and you dont have to get rid of you intake or headers. and to me it just seems simpler. replace the intake manifold and run the pully, hook it all up and your good to go. and supercharger dont really push enough boost (in my case) to need internal work. while with a turbo, there are so many pieces and lines you have to run. and to be honest, IMO superchargers are more reliable. im not trying to get flammed by anything i said, its just my opinion. and it makes decent power. not too much, not too little. just my .02

by the way im basing my opinion on the jackson SC(which is roots type i think), not vortec
it's a little easier to install- but it still took steve and I 2 full days to install it the first time we did it. plus, you still need to do the fuel upgrades, exhaust, etc....

Other than running the oil lines, its really not much harder to install a turbo system. but thats my opinoin..
no offense
but a supercharger is an idiots version of a turbo

did you see the integra on the cover of the feb 03 Import Racer???

500 hp integra

i would like to see a 500hp SC integra :huh:
point is it cant happen

B18 + SC = :ghey:
B18 + Turbo = :D :lol: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :D :p :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
plus with a SC you dont get the sheer enjoyment of feeling the Turbo spool or my favorite the ever addicting sound of a BOV
Originally posted by Smonkeyboy@Mar 3 2003, 02:53 AM
plus with a SC you dont get the sheer enjoyment of feeling the Turbo spool or my favorite the ever addicting sound of a BOV

yea your right, I love that sweet sound, thanks for the input. Im going turbo
go turbo, it's a little budgy buying oil for it every 2 weeks but hey it pays off.
ahh your crazy.. centrifugal supercharger... same as turbo w/ no lag.. and better on your oil.. installs easier... and you can still turn up the boost??? duh.. come on people.. you can even have a bov.. why would you not want this..if we are both runnin' the same amount of boost by the time you turbo spools up i'll be gone.. cause mine spools at 1000 rpms and yours don't until 3000.. and just like turbos.. boost goes up as rpms go up!
A centrifugal does to have lag. The only thing that wont is a roots style supercharger.

When you start making boost and when you hit full boost is all in the size of turbo and how its setup.

Your centrifugal might start spooling because its a small ass turbines. I know of a MAxima making 420whp and full boost 3200. That is FULL boost at 3200. Means he is spooling at take off. Its all how its setup.
Why do you think a centrifugal supercharger has a significant amount of lag? Isn't it belt driven? I understand that it has to build up more pressure because it's not mounted directly on the intake manifold, but since it's belt driven, it seems like it would build up that pressure much faster than a turbocharger.
I never said it had significant lag.. i said it had lag. He said it has no lag. Infact, it does have lag.

A turbo spools on exhuast gas, so the faster you go, the faster it spools. Like I said, a turbo's boost and full boost ranges all depends on shit is setup.
im not gonna argue with anyone, everyone has their own opinions, i have mine. but right now im not building a race car, and im not opting for the fastest thing i can find. i just want a kick ass street setup. of course im gonna go to the track, but in my opinion i think a supercharger is more reliable. im not saying a turbo cant be, im just saying that theres more chance of something going wrong or needing to be maintained on a turbo. when i build a full out race car, im definitley goin turbo. solely because you can get more boost.

and to smokeyboy, you think a supercharged car cant make hp? endyn's SC put out over 400 hp on a B16A. and i know its been on hold for a while but that is one supercharger worth getting, i would love to get it but 1. its expensive, and 2. its not out yet. so thats 400hp with no lag? hmmmm....interesting.

but i think that my setup will be more than fine for an awesome street car and a very good track car:
jackson SC
valve train done
JDM ITR header
AEM (custom fab by me) CAI
better injectors
cam gears
vafc or hondata

then upgrade to higher boost pulley
get new cams for vtec
and other little misc stuff
all in a CRX

like i said im only building a nice street car. tell this wont be plenty fast to blow basically anything away <_<
lol no lag on a centrifical supercharger huh dude? a friend of mine has a supercharged corrado pushing 15psi, he doesnt reach full boost till a little over 3 grand, and just to show you whats up, he has mad shit done to his car, and he STILL loses to the prelude, IMO, the only use for a supercharger is a top fuel drag car, or auto-x, other than that, id rather throw it off a bridge.