Supercharging A B16 In A Crx

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Ok, right now I'm waiting until Uncle Sam gives me my money back, but i'm planning on swapping a B16 into my 91 CRX Si. I have an offer of $2300 installed, and another offer of about $2700 (this includes all brand new hoses, timing belt, tune-up, etc.). Are these good prices?

My goal is to get the JG Redline Series Head package and add a Jackson Racing Supercharger... but I've heard clearance issues with the Hasport motor mount kit? Will the JRSC fit with these motor mounts?
The engine itsself is only around 1100 bucks. Those are way to much for a swap. I'm not sure if the JRSC will clear the hood.
those prices also include: shift linkage, motor mounts, LABOR (installation), besides the obvious engine, ecu, transmission, axles, etc. etc.
shift linkage i believe you can use the one in the swap (if you get one). Mount are only ~500 bucks. Also, ask what comes all with the swap, a complete list. If you are getting a B16 SiR I, then you just pull your motor, and hook the new one up, its pretty straight forward. Of course you need the mount kit. No rewiring or anything. You MIGHT have to add VTEC wires, maybe not. I am not sure. i believe the SiR I swap is ~1100 or so. Those quotes are still to high. Most places charge 1k to install and that includes, labor, mounts, etc.
the place that's charging about $2700 is also doing a tune-up that includes: new timing belt, spark plugs, wires, and every freakin' hose.

any body know anything about clearance issues w/ the JRSC and the hood/firewall?
If all the hoses are being replaced with silicon (sp?) that might be worth a couple hundred extra.

But for $400 extra thats honestly not that much. The parts might come out to $100, labor is more expensive as always though.

But $2700 for a $1100 motor that you could probably swap in yourself with some peoples help... I'd try to save the money and put it in myself, then pay someone to replace all the belts & hoses on a different occasion.

Just think if you saved $1000... that could be a whole new suspension set up, or wheels and tires... or towards your supercharger.
I don't have the tools neccessary to do the swap. None of my close friends have them either. And I'm not about to trust someone I don't really know, I did that last time and I learned my lesson. On top of that I don't have the time. I'm taking 15 units in college and working full time to support myself. Unless anybody here wants to really to the bulk of the work in like a weekend then I'd consider it. Plus if I have the shop do it there's a warranty. I know how I COULD save, but I rather have it done with expertise.
can anyone tell me if the JRSC will fit in my CRX with the Hasport motor mounts? or any other motor mounts? if the motor needs to be mounted say.. two inches forward would this make a noticeable difference in handling?
to make the supercharger fit you may have to cut out some of the webbing in the hood.
ok not to sound like a dumbass if im wrong but why would you need to modify the hood just for a supercharger? isn't it just a straight replacement for the intake manifold? someone please clear this up. thanks.
When you accelerate it goes up and will bounce off the hood, and the JRSC is bigger then the rest, so it needs the hood cut and you might still hear it bounce off the hood under hard acceleration, if its severe (if you have weak motor mounts.. you need to replace them) you could break something from the bouncing.

Also, the cost of the JRSC you could have a decent turbo setup and be faster.
I don't see why the hood would be a issue,the fire wall would be more effected,I would think,the clearance behind my manifold is tight as hell.A friend of mine back home is doing this,I'll ask if he ran into any problems.
hey thanks, thought i'd never get a straight answer.

oh and i want the supercharger for the low end torque and streetability. (please don't try to change my mind, i have trouble just making it)