Suspension Problem..

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sup havin suspension problems with my 91 civic..with b16a..the problem is when i give it gas from like 2ooo rpm- 4000 feels like the front tires are shaking...the car moves jus fine..most of my suspension is brand new..HR springs..Tokico Struts..and 17 inch ICW's with 240/40/17 Kumho tires.with Ingalls Camber Kit...i also replaced both tie rod bushings as well as some control arm bushings..There is one thing i am aware of though..the car does need a WHEEL ALIGNMENT..cuz the steering is off a say like a inch and a half on the steering wheel...would the wheels cause the shakiin..i also know i have a slit tear in the left CV boot that connects to the wheel..but the axle is brand new..and the bearings inside still have grease..i know what bad boot sounds and feels like so i know thats not it..i plan to get the axle replaced. and front wheel alignment done on the same day..prob about a week..i jus hope that once that is done..the shakin stop..otherwise im outa ideas..can anybody help?..
I jus scrolled down a bit..and noticed someone else kinda had the same problem...i also get vibration..but im not sure what side it is coming from..and i only get it when i hit the gas..I jus wanna know..if my front end wasnt aligned properly would this be the effect..
Have your front end aligned before assuming its anything else, but also make sure you check the motor mounts. The vibration sounds much more likely to be generated by the drivetrain based on your description than the suspension.