Swap n00b Civic 97 CX hatchback

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Hey all,

I have a Automatic Honda Civic 97 CX Hatchback. I'm looking into swapping the engine and keeping the tranny if possible. I'd like to keep it automatic due to other people who I share this care with.

The engine is a D16Y7

I'm just looking for something better. Not sure where to start or what engine actually works, many threads seem to be about manual engine swaps.

Any suggestions would be great! And I will further research that direction.

Thank you!
Welcome to the site.

What do you want out of this?
What is your budget?
What is the car going to be used for?
What is your technical proficiency?

You could probably find an automatic D16Y8 fairly easily.
Should drop right in with a little wiring for VTEC and whatnot.

A B series isn't going to work with your D series transmission. I don't know if anyone has bothered coming up with an adapter plate or anything for this. But I wouldn't trust an automatic D series transmission to hold up to much power anyway.
What do you want out of this?
Performance, gas mileage. Don't want to do too much technical customization, like having to modify the body to fit the engine or something.

What is your budget?
About $2000 or less

What is the car going to be used for?
Daily driver and work

What is your technical proficiency?
Pretty high level, I've rebuilt BMW E30 1989, Range Rover 2004, and now I'm rebuilding a stupid Nissan 2012 SV CVT tranny, worst transmission ever made. I know Hondas are easily modifiable just never really got into them, but my pops has a Honda he drives for work, and we share it every once in a while, he drives like 80 miles a day on it. Theres 820k miles on it, he used to drive 300 miles a day.
Engine swapped and tranny swapped around 500k though, speedometer has been dead most of the time while driving and I've tried changing the speed sensor with no success, that car easily now has 1,000,000 miles.
The engine seems to be running pretty rough now, the oil is disappearing, no drips, and not sure where it's being burnt, I haven't checked the plugs yet. Anyways, I'm thinking its time for another overhaul, just wanted to see what other options I have, rather than just swap it with the same engine and tranny again. These Hondas can take a beating!
Thanks for following up.

I'd look at dropping a D16Y8 in there.

Should be able to find one locally fairly inexpensive.
Get the whole engine and ECU. I'd also try to get as much of the harness as you can. If the transmission in the car is pushing 500k I'd get that too.
Then just give everything a thorough going through before dropping it in the car.
Should give you a bit more power while still being fairly efficient.