Swap Question 95 Cx Hatch

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I currently hav the stock d15b8 engine that came in the car. How easy would it be to swap the d16z6 into it and what would I need besides the motor itself. I ask this because I can get the motor at a reasonable price. I plan on doing better swap later but if I can do this without to much work it would be something to hold me over till the time is right for the next big thing. Thanks
if you are planning on doing a different swap then id say dont bother with the D16Z6... its a great little engine (i had one then i blew the bottom end and did a mini-me for free with a block i had sitting around... now im swapping in a ITR engine) i would definatly say save the money twards your "real" swap... if you NEED a little more for now throw a ZEX N2O kit on it (wildbillhatchbac has this on his CX) you will be faster than a D16Z6 and you can keep the bottle for your next setup

that would be the best idea IMO