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Ok. I need a some help here. I gots me a 94 civic si hb. I need to know how much it would cost me to swap some engines into my car. Im down to two choices: b16sir2 or a b18b. Which would do you think i should get if i dont plan on getting turbo or a supercharger until further down the road. Keep in mind im going for the best deal here. Any comments or Websites would be helpful. Thanks guy. :ph34r:
Yea,I said that because "further on down the road" could be never.Might as well have something good tell then. :D
Originally posted by 94accordman@Jan 23 2003, 11:02 PM
fuck those throw a c-series v-6 in dat motha fucka :ph34r:

I would get the B18b if you have any intention on getting a turbo later on.

More displacement and you could get higher compression pistons for the time being. It's what, like 20 less HP stock? Up the compression and that might make up for it... don't quote me on that though.
accordman i hope you are kidding. both motors are acceptable for low amounts of boost without cracking the bottom end open. So far on the factory bottom end and just bolting the vortech supercharger up we have gotten 270HP and 190TQ out of the aftercooled kit on our project blueslayer hybrid hatch(check out the website in the sig for more info). In the past i have run up to 10psi on my b16a/turbo'd hatch with no problem, you just have to make sure you have an efficient fuel system and expert tuning, i don't see where these "don't boost a b16" posts are coming from. We have seen over 15000 miles of dependable service with boost, its people who put these kits on their cars and don't give them respect that gives people the idea that boost and b16s don't work.