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what can i swap in my 97 civic ex for everyday driving i want to know if the rsx and or the new accord motor will fit and what i would have to do i just want to know what would be best for around 250 horsepower qucik or more horses
anything is possible with the right amount of money. but it's a pointless swap. for the $ that it would take to get either of those engines into your car, you could have a b-sereis twice as powerful. give us your budget and what you want out of the car and you'll get some responses.
well i want it to be quick something running close low 12 i was thinking type r or gsr dont know through money isnt a problem
if all you want is a track bitch and money isnt a problem, get an h22a, sleeve it put some 9:1 pistons in it, throw a shit load of boost at it and have lots of fun, but thats my opinion
all motor 12's are expensive. boosted 12's are not so tough. the owner of http://www.full-race.com/ is puttin' down 586hp with a gsr engine with just sleeves, rods & low comp. pistons with his kit on that site tuned by hondata. that is not too much work it it will most likely produce a 10 sec. car. i don't know if you wanted a 'lil less than that... but if you do, you could just rebuild an ls or gsr and strap on a lesser turbo kit and make less power with slower times while spending more money if that's your thing ;) .
hey blackjdmdeath...how much would that h22a resleeved with 9:1 piston swap cost? i have a '97 Civic Dx and am lookin' for a moderately priced swap..i'm not rich..but i'm not poor..it'd be for daily driving too..maybe lookin' to spend 5k...could i get that with 5k? if not..what could i do?