Swapping JDM B16A into a 92 Integra

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Has anybody accomplished this or know of any good info on the web. I found a place nearby that will sell me a JDM B16A for cheap and was wondering what version I should look for so that the install is the easiest for me. How would the OBD ver affect me with this?
one question. WHY?
you're putting a smaller displacement engine in there. buy the b16 head, and make an ls/vtec.
integra's are heavy, and with a 1.6 you'll have no torque.

go ls/vtec, or find a gsr swap.
well you think i should go with an new ls for right now. then get a b16a head for it later? when i drive my friends civic si i can really feel the torque diff between my car and hers.
Your 92 is OBD-1, depending on what B16 your getting, I would try and stick with OBD-1 (Square Plugs) ,OBD-0 (Round Plugs) is going to be a little more of a wireing nightmare. Nothing plugs right up other than a couple of sensors........... ;)
It could very well be OBD0 some of the 92's were.
the ls transmission sucks for all motor. plan ahead and piece the setup together. you'll need a cable transmission, ls/gsr bottom end, vtec head. any vtec head will work, you just need an obd1 distributor and obd1 injectors. plus, you'll need someone to put it all together.
Originally posted by lsvtec@Oct 15 2002, 10:07 AM
It could very well be OBD0 some of the 92's were.

Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks for the update. Well, now you know what to look for........... Round plugs= OBD-0 and Square plugs= OBD-1.........
they guy at the shop selling engines said that grey plugs were obd1 and clear are obd0 check the distrib plugs
right i had a 92 teg and put a JDM B16 in it and it haulled A$$...vtec is a world of a diff. if you get a pre obd motor all you have to do is change the dist and the injectors make sure that you get the PR3 ecu and a J1 tranny some say that the YS1 is the better tranny for that car but i know the diff I know what that car is supposed to do and what it will do so you are shaving some weight with the new B16 and the car does move....I ate many a mustangs with that car and i miss it every time i see one of those apc hos so yes go with the B16 you are gaining about 40 hp with it so it is up to you good luck :worthy:
If you want VTEC go LSVTEC. Built right it will own a teg with a B16.
the crvtec is better than the lsvtec i have seen it done the only problem with frankenstein motors are that they are not an original product of honda and there is no telling what kinda problems you will have
BUT he already has an ls. why go b20? unless you are ungod rich and like to waste money, its not a good finiancial decision
:werd: if you already have the B18 and want to be 2.0 that bad just get the thing re-sleeved
look guys, remember some facts before considering LS/V, first reliability is gone , too much R/S is bad... if the car is not going to be a daily driver then great!!! do it...if not save your hard earned money and go for a b18c/5-R or ...buy the b16a buy: sunk2 ecu, cams(your choice), gears, port polish head, match intake man..throttle body. 4-2-1 header, test pipe... 75 wet No2 syst and then post again, remember loos as much weight with out comfortabillity... :D
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