Sweet Job!

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Hey just thought I'd share about this sweet ass job I worked today I'm currently Unemployed but I needed some money so like any decent scumbag in need of cash I woke my happy ass up and went to the labor pool. I got the best work order I could've hoped for, I got to drive the cars up the ramp for an auto auction! I thought it was going to be lik, a police auction or something with old beaters but it was a dealership auction!!! I got to drive A 03 mini cooper-s :sleep: , a bmw 5 series ;) , a couple benz's :sleep: , 2 03 350-Z's :P , A porsch boxter ;) ,etc...

the best cars I drove were the Z's they :owned: all the kompressors, bimmers, every thing. Maybe next time I'll get the lot with the S2K's :worthy: and wrx's :worthy: and the sort.
Sweet job! Do you happen to remember some of the cars and what they went for at auction? If so can you post a few prices?
If you want a sweet job, look for local hotels or restaurants that have Valet services. Sometimes they run their own service, and sometimes its an individual company. Thats what i did a few years ago...its a great job, im still doing it. Drive almost any car you can think of, normally good pay and tips. Not to mention the great experience.

My last job was working for the Subara/Nissan Lot. We got the cars off the boat and put those badass wings on the WRX's and 350zs. Not to mention i drove like 50 of each everyday.It was the best, but then i got laid off cuz it was only temporary. :tfg: