T25 Wastegate PSI setting...

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Those 2 "things" as you refer to are the wastegate actuators! I am not sure why you have 2 of them. There should only be one. The T25's came from the 2nd gen eclipse/talons. They aren't really worth anything to someone who knows turbo's. They are small, inefficient, and can't spool over 14psi safely. You will have good throttle response with it though. But that is about it.
Okay, so does it matter which wastegate actuator i use? or should they both be the same
Well by the picture they both look completely different. It almost looks like one of them wont even fit it. Try mounting both of them on the turbo and see if they both meet up to everything. If one of them don't... well then you know what one NOT to go with.
Ya, you shouldn't have two of them.
The boost setting is determined by the size of the diaghram inside the little can at the end of the rod. It looks to me like they are both pretty much the same size meaning same boost setting.
With the stock t25 you will see 8-10 psi. I know this because i had one on my crx. But you t25 doesn't look quiet like mine did (96 gsx) perhaps yours came off something else like an older 300zx, jdm silvia, ect. In that case your boost setting might differ.