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hey guys, fill me in here, i was planning on getting a t3/t04e but i found a pretty cheap Garrett T04E oil-cooled turbocharger :D . The a/r on the exhaust side is 1.00 and on the compressor side is .70. The Inlet on the compressor side is 4 inch, outlet is 2.5 inch. The exhaust side has the standard T4 flange for the inlet and a 4 inch outlet.i have a b18b with eagle rods and srp 9.2:1 pistons. how do you think the t4 will do. what will it spool at? let me know what you think
thats a huge fucking turbo. 1.0!!!!!!! ACK!
they are all oil cooled dude =)

it will spool up high- 4500-5500 is my guess depending on what work you have to your ls head.