tagging a focus....


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haha that was great.

That video ahead of it was insane. they were passin everybody in the grass and on shoulders.

That Focus Exhaust looked like the one on the RWD V8 Focus RS shown in SCC last month.


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Originally posted by SpodaB1@Apr 6 2004, 04:33 PM
Ok, well I downloaded it but it isnt playing. WTF

that happened to me as well, then i switched over to the divx player. After that it worked fine for me....


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:wtf: is DIVX, where can I get it? TO get it to play for me I just clicked "Save" saved it to my desktop, watched it with Windows Media Player. Now Im going to delete it.

The video was cool, I mean content wise, but the people were totally fucking gay, damn English people.