Teg B16a

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I wanna be sedated
Ok the B16A from the teg Xsi/Rsi,
Does it have a LSD?according to the reference section it has a YS1 that is not so eqiupped.
Does it mount different in the engine bay?
Does it have the same TB as the B16B?
What is the valve spring count on each side?meaning duals on both sides or just one?
I assume the OBD is determined by the year.
I have this same swap in my 90 teg, its my tranny didnt come with the lsd(wish it did), it mounts the same, as for TB i belive it does but i may be wrong, and it does have dual springs on the intake side(i may have that backwords), and obd is the year of the car mine is an obd 0, if want more details on this swap let me know i drive it everyday.
It's not for me,it's this guy who did it and his hood won't close,cuz the motor is to high.And he swears up and down it's an LSD,he keeps going on about how it was the predecessor to the CTR,and all this other crap.Anyway I need to know for sure.BTW it is in a 5th gen civic coupe.
I belive some ys1's did come with an lsd but not many, and his hood should close.
that's the engine i have in my car.

NO the throttle body is not even close to a CTR one

NO there is no LSD.... (before i get shit, i put an ITR tranny in my car)

it will mount the same, mine fit perfectly into my del sol, did he change the driver side bracket ?? not the mount, there is a bracket that is different. my swap is obd1 though. whack.
Originally posted by pills_PMD Posted on Feb 11 2003@ 08:07 PM
did he change the driver side bracket ??

Looking at the picture (bad as it is) I was thinking it looked tilted down on the passanger side.
sounds like he didn't change that bracket

you need the bracket from the mount and the mount itself from a 94-95 del sol VTEC, or even from a 99-00 civic si will work. when i first put mine in, it was tiltled toward the pass. side
Cool thanks,I hope this can help him.The shop he got it from said "it is really rare,only 500 made,for four door teg's in 93"I told him they took his ass.He doesn't want to swallow it.

Here is the motor as it sits in his car,looks slanted to me,but my head isn't always on straight.