tell me if f22b1 head can swap to f22a1 block

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I have done something like this. I have a 94 LX accord and put a 91 lx motor into it. I used the 94 head and the block from the 91. it will work but the motor is gonna lagg big time and then if your like me redline the motor just to get up to speed, your gonna blow the head. The head gaskets are not the same. The coolent passage is not gonna line up(well for LX motors) your gonna blow the head sooner or later. :ph34r:
Originally posted by accordboy@Dec 17 2002, 10:14 AM
:worthy: i just want to know if i can put this f22b1 head system on with out a fuckin hassel can any one assure me this is ging to be problem since the f22a1 I have is a 91" and the f22b1 is 94 or 95 with v-tec(as we should already know ) so is the year diffence of the engines going to make this complicated for my head swap

What Yr. Accord are you gonna be putting it in, cause the way I understand it is, you can put that head on, but if you're gonna put it in a say, 4th gen Accord, which is OBD - 0 ( and I think that head would be OBD - 1 ), you'll have to wire up v-tec to your harness and add some more shit....i.e..vtec solenoid and so on, if I'm incorrect on this, someone, just let me know
from what ive read, there is to much involved in a head swap. i found f22b1 motors for 600 or less at local junkyards. save time and agravation. there is a guy on honda-tech that sells harness for ecu's. pm for info
Hope it helps...

I recently purchased a 91 Accord and pulled the F22A4 engine / head assembly out of it to fix my 94 Accord that has a F22B4 engine / head combination. I was told that it would be a pretty clean swap.

The only thing that I've found to work is that the F22A4 head will bolt to the F22B1 engine but these things had to come along with the swap: :eek:
- Intake was different
- Exhaust Manifold was different
- Power steering bracket
- Power steering pump
- Power steering hose
- Exhaust down pipe
- Throttle body EFI system
- Some of the vacuum hoses & wires

I decided to stop the bleeding at this point and I'm now currently looking to see if fixing the old head would be worth doing or just find a F22B1 engine to pull the head off of.

I may have called some of these things by the incorrect name but for certain the only thing that did work with the head was the distributor. It wasn't the straight forward "head swap" that I was told it would be.

You might be more tallented than I am but i certainly wasn't in to making the 94 Accord a 91 Accord one piece at a time. :eek:
While Oldskool is closer than the rest of you the F22b1 vtec is garbage and just as much if not more power can be made with the stock F22aX heads, these heads are some of the highest flowing four cylinder heads out there. To swap the F22Ax series head for a f22b1 wouldnt be worth the effort, yes its a bolt on and yes itll work but know it wont be a great huge improvement. Search Bisimoto and Cb7tuner for better info on the subject.
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New record by the way.