Telling how low my suspension is

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i have a lowering kit and need some help to find how low they will drop a car i cant find any were on here that explains there somewhere i can look on the suspension to tell me if it is a 1.5in drop or 2in drop etc...
thanks all
Well it might help if you told us what it is that you got... did you buy something quality or did you spend $250 on some lame suspension setup that's going to break in a month?
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settle down beavis... its a valid question, lacking info, but valid

but anyway yeah, we need a little more info than that
LACKING INFO...OK....well its a 1988 honda civic DX with dohc motor ZC swap it has 17' tires and when i bought the car it CAME with the suspension kit SOOO thats pretty much it guys has no brand on them just trying to sell the piece of shit shocks to get some money so realy i don know what more info do you want white....come on SHOCKS identifying the drop height is all i need to know SIMPLE questions deserves a SIMPLE answer. thanks for all your time just needed some info not disrespect.
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unfortunately without knowing who made them, what model they are, or anything else about them we cant really tell you shit about them.

put them on and find out

or sell them / throw them out and buy a set that you know what the hell they are


unfortunately without knowing anything about them no one is going to be able to help you