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Hey just wanted to say thank you to all of you refering business to Hybrid Revolution. I"m getting a lot of emails saying they were sent from Honda swap. I really appricate it guys. When we grow bigger I'll repay you all (best i can). Again thanks a lot guys it really helps and we wont let your referals go to waste!

Eric w/ HyRev

:worthy: HONDASWAP
sounds good, what are your prices on JDM EG gauge clusters?

and what other JDM EG parts do you have?
All right two minutes is up,what you got? :lol: j/p
he he... we dont really do too many small parts like that but email me maybe we can track something down for you.

Originally posted by HybridRevolution@Feb 6 2003, 08:50 PM
he he... we dont really do too many small parts like that but email me maybe we can track something down for you.


I want an H22/LSD swap for my Accord.
well, it would be great if i could located a jdm eg gauge cluster, a jdm eg clock, and other jdm parts.

plus, i'm sure these things would sell immediately.
:D 2K! lol im not even getting mine that cheap! Nah seriously guy it does mean a lot thanks a lot we hope to be bigger and better than both hmotors and osaka soon. the way it's going i dont see that being a problem.
That is good to here. And best part of all, hondaswap has almost all the hook ups we need. You for swaps, Jason for parts. All we need now is some body shop that will fix rust for cheap for all the HS members.
Originally posted by RFHOMI2U@Feb 7 2003, 03:00 PM
I need body work too! lots of it.

you should see my Escort GT i am working on...OMG it has a shitload of body work that needs to be done to it!! :(
Originally posted by Calesta@Feb 7 2003, 05:37 PM
I don't think you can order bodywork online. :lol:

wtf? you can get everything else online? they should have a device that does body work too, it should plug into your usb port :D
fine, we need some sponsor that will make CF everything (doors, hodds, tops, quarter panels, trunks, and anything else i missed for del sols. Of course it would come pre painted in frost white. ;)
This is off topic Eric, but are you going to the CL meet?

Anyways, will you be selling other stuff besides JDM in the future, like various aftermarket formance parts?
No prob Eric. This site gets a lot more traffic than CL these days. :)

Codee- I think he is coming to the meet. Are you?