The Death of my Hatchy (56k warning)

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I'll let the pictures do the talking for now. When I feel likeit, i'll give the story. Considering parting everything out. Still undecided whether i'm going to buy another civic and start over but I guess I have to wait for the insurance to determine what route i'm taking.











Funny story about why I am ok. I NEVER wear my seatbelt. Just never felt comfortable wearing one. Even though things out of my hands can occur and its a good idea to wear specifically for that reason, I never wear one.
As I was leaving work, I saw a cop close by. Naturally I put on my seatbelt in case I get pulled over I won't get a ticket for not wearing one. Now, everytime when the cop is out of my sight, I take it off. For some reason, I did not take off my seatbelt. Shortly after that, I hopped on the hwy and hit a car that was virtually at a stop and I was going hwy speeds. If I didn't have my seatbelt on, I would have went right through the windshield. I believe that is the only, if not very rare times I had my seat belt on.
do a 96 conversion on that bieatch LOL and buy a new radiator you'll be all set...glad to hear you are ok :ph34r:


Sucks man.

But goddamn you drive without a seat belt!? That is just madness.
Originally posted by jimboburgess@Sep 1 2005, 10:41 PM
another one bites the dust. is the frame bent, you could fix it.
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The frame is definitely tweaked. And for the cost of fixing it he could buy a new one.
yea, well one day someone buttfucked me and turned it into a teggy gang bang of a suburban... i know what it's like. had the car not been lowered, there would have been a ton more damage... so he's lucky too.
Originally posted by YouKnowWhoIBee+Sep 1 2005, 08:59 PM-->
that will buff out ;)  glad to see your ok... dibs on rims if he still has them!
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We'll see what happens

Originally posted by jimboburgess@Sep 1 2005, 09:41 PM
another one bites the dust. is the frame bent, you could fix it.
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The pictures are crappy. The damage looks a lot worse in person. Frame is damaged and the engine is done because I snapped the T-belt. Hopefully I can salvage the block & tranny.

Originally posted by B16@Sep 1 2005, 09:55 PM
Sucks man.

But goddamn you drive without a seat belt!?  That is just madness.
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Call it pride & bad habit, but I defintely will increase the usuage :)

Originally posted by StarBellieAngel@Sep 1 2005, 10:30 PM
someone was def on your side that day... did you learn a lesson?! :p
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Yea, God loves me.
@Sep 1 2005, 10:45 PM
decide to try and make out with a suv?
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damn your insurance is gonna pay a big settlement on that one. a friend of mine got rear ended on the freeway when he slowed for traffic. the lady behind him was not paying attention and nailed him at 60 when he was going 20. it was a Aspire, and the rear of the hatch was basically between the front seats. yea a few years later he got a decent chunk of cash.

so was the person stopped for no reason or what? regardless, in most places you would get held responsible for rear ending someone, but just wondering if it was their fault or yours?


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pride and habbit?

more like stupidity and laziness

you got lucky. you should go get yoru ass pulled voer by that cop and thank him. lol