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Originally posted by Domeskilla@Feb 7 2003, 10:19 PM
A lot of the states laws are. you can not shoot someone without them posing a threat to you or your family. So, if someome broke in, you can't shoot them unless they threaten your life.

I have a handgun and carry it with me, here, when i'm pulled over, i tell them i have it and they just take it and blah balh with me and then give it back, but I live in backwoods Oklahoma.

I don't know about The People's Republic of California, but in most states, breaking and entering carries presumed intent to do one harm. You can pretty much shoot anybody that breaks into your house. The shitty thing is that someone can break in, shoot at you and you kill him and then his family sue you in civil court. This country is fucked up in a lot of ways like that. I'd rather be broke in court than dead, though.

I don't advocate ever shooting someone unless your life is threatened, but thieves would think twice if more people packed....and a lot more do than you would think, in Tennessee anyway....and there is no drama here because of that.

If some little gang-banging car-thieving teenage punks harmed me or my family, you would be hearing about it on the news. There would be one less Team-punkass stunna skwad. :p


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I carry my gun b/c of past stuff and I will shoot someone for trying to harm me or my family. I frankly dont give a shit. :)

Yea, in Oklahoma and the part of Arkansas my cousin lives in, you have to be threatened, but that dont stop anyone. :D


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i HAD gsr swirlies on my corolla untill late on a suday night a couple weeks ago, my brother came home trashed from a bar and saw my car inthe driveway up on bricks. He came up to my room to ask me if i was doing work to my car, i said "at two oclock in the morning? fuck no!" we wnt out there and the car only had two wheels left on it! by one lug each wheel! my bro mustve scared them off cause they left 2, two ton floor jacks there. couple weeks later i saw a car a couple towns over with my wheels on it (could tell by the tires) so i went back there with one of thier jacks and threw it through their windshield. u think they got the picture?? fuckin scumbags