Theives Strike again :(

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Well, here I was about two weeks ago...I ordered my first mp3 player for my NEW Jeep...Pioneer DEH7200, get around to installing it last weekend...

Come out to my car after work to find the fucking thing gone and a nice 10" Slice in my drivers side window.

All I can say is fuck you you mother fucker, thanks for fucking up my mother fucking holiday you fucking piece of scum fucker.

So my nice birthday present to myself is turning out to be about an -600.00++++ bucks out as my fucking comprehensive deductible is $500.00
Im going on the assumption that they arent going to be paying for my radio, and to replace the fucking half door/window will be about 300.00. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!

Pictures to come.

omg that sucks. i once had a radar detector ripped of and my insurance company said if it was installed in the car like my RADIO, it would have been they might cover yours. they should cover the other damage too.

w3rd to what asmallsol says at the bottom of his post....
(im tryign not to be a whore)
i am getting a new mp3 player for chirstmas but i am going to get one that "hides" itself when the car is off, it flips over to a blank plasic panel. My older brother had one of these when he had his jeep and noone ever messed with it (except he had about $700 in cds stolen from him but that was a diffrent car) I figured that i leave my top off all the time so i had to get one of these. My brother had a good alarm system on his jeep and when he did not have it one, he did not even lock the doors because of the same thing that happened to you, if they want to get in, they are going to get in, why not make it as painless as possible.

Sorry to hear about that, I hope they find that guy, link him to some higher shit, lock his ass in pound-me-in-the-ass-prision and he will get ass raped everynight by his cell mate, BUBBA
:/ that blows mang

maybe its alarm time... jeeps are too easy to break into.
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Dec 24 2002, 12:30 AM
anyway you can get fingerprints and bust their punk asses like pills did?

Adam has not updated us latly on that, but his sig now says fuck the police, maybe that means not guilty?
Sorry to hear that man,when it comes to burglury,or anything for that matter,cops are more like,well let me think,hmmm...useless.Yea,that's it,useless.They give more non criminals tickets and citations then they arrest actual perpurtrators of crime.Then they come out with programs like neighborhood watch,for what so they can have more free time to sit around and get fat?Fuck the thieves for stealing and the cops for not doing anything to detour it.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 24 2002, 03:30 AM
don't make fun of fat people :/

Hey I got a gut you'd be proud of :D

I had a kenwood mask way back in the day...let me tell you, the fuckers still stole that one from my other car...this was when i was in college.

The thing that pisses me off though is that the pioneer is detachable. I detached the face and LOCKED it in my glove box. I guess they found that too...

Anyways, I have the day off from work, but I get to go talk to the head of security...I think they are going to pay for everything so I dont have to put a claim into my insurance company...

The funny thing is, is that I work for a damn insurance company!
I have that same head unit.

When the guys put it in I had them bolt it to the back of the cage and up into the dash. It was almost 500$ installed so I wasnt about to have it ripped off.

I pretty much take the face off everywhere I go also, it's kinda akward to learn how to get pioneer faces on and off, but once you get used to it, it's not so bad.
I'd take the reciept to the insurance company and have them pay for the window and the headunit + reinstallation etc...
Jeeps are way too easy to break into. Especially an 88 Wrangler. They didn't even have locks with the soft tops.
My dad's Jeep had the old ghetto detachable "unit" where the whole radio would pull out. We left it in one night and it was stolen. At least they didn't get the mounting bracket or plug in the back so they stole a useless radio.
shit, i've had my honda broken into maybe 8 times since i've owned it? last time they took about 2 grand worth of stereo stuff :( i had gotten new inscruance and they said they wouldn't cover it... grrrrr...... damn cheap inscurance, guess i should stop speeding so much
Get a damn alarm B16. Lol.

I don't even have a sterio in my Honda besides the Pioneer head. everything else is stock.

I just wanted something that would play MP3's... and I trust Pioneer Premier. I have like 40 gigs of mp3s on my computer so I mean... albums coming out the yin yang up in my car :D
Yeah someone ripped off my mp3 player out of my car and the cops were like maybe you shouldnt have such a nice cd player, then they wouldnt break into you car, wtf is that all about.
Alarms stop amatuers and kids,that's it.If you wanna keep a radio in your car,Get under the dash(yes upsidedown)and use wire,something and tie the antenea(or something else from the back of the radio)to the frame tight so that they can't get it know it's there so you can remove it,but a thief will get discouraged and probably just break it.At least the little fucker didn't get it.