This is what this country has come to

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cnn headline news.
people trapped for days in grand canyon cavern.


because the elevator broke and they are too lazy to take the stairs.

meanwhile, they are in a hotel at the bottom where there's food and beds.

ok, sure, it says some are incapable of taking that many stairs, and that's fine, but it sure as shit isn't news.

It's so sad.
They ran out of stuff to bash Trump for
I think we know by now that MSM is not news, its theater and a propaganda machine mostly for the Democratic Party. I will always love DJT for calling them all out as fake news and exposing them for what they are. And now we got Kari Lake, going full beast mode on MSM as well.
I enjoy listening to Russell Brand. He dissects a lot of news articles you would never hear about in MSM and does a ton of interviews people on both sides of the spectrum.

Here is just an example

Are you going to hear this on MSM? Human Blood as a commodity? I think not.

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