Those of you with 6g civics and swaps

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I have basically no exhaust on my car and am trying to decide what to do. Buy cat back and get it adjusted to fit a cat, get stock integra exhaust and get new hangers welded on, just take it in to a muffler place and have them run a pipe and put a muffler on. I don't want to get anything to fancy since I'm getting a turbo in spring and will just have to replace it anyways.
i don't want a test pipe, no cat smells bad and sounds absolutely terrible

but will that exhaust bolt right up with a cat and a b series downpipe on a ivic?
If you are getting a turbo, then get the exhaust that you want for the turbo kit and fabricate a way to hook it up to your car. I have the same swap as you and I made my own 2.5" exhaust:

- 2 mandrel U bends
- 1 6 foot length straight pipe ( they only had 6 foot lengths)
- 2 butt flanges ( not necessary but I want to be able to remove the cat)
- 1 spring flange (I can't remember what this is actually called but it goes right after the header and compresses around the donut seal)
- 1 borla 2.5" muffler
- 1 nice 3" tip
- 1 magnaflow high flow 2.5 inch cat
- 1 mig welder
- 2 cans of high temp exhaust paint
- 1 3 foot length of 1/8 hot rolled steel rod (for hangers)

Just cut the u bends to match the angles of your stock exhaust, use the straight pipe for the main section, weld the cat towards the front of the exhaust, so forth and so on, if you really want to do this i'll write up a better discription if you so need but it looks great on my car.
get a random tech (or other aftermarket hi-flow) cat and modify the flanges
I want 3 inch for the turbo and I thought running anything over 2.25 right now would be to big on N/A
oh yeah, total cost was about $270 plus a little for the gas for my mig welder,
I wouldn't worry about it, you will lose a little performance wise until you get the turbo but cost wise... just get the 3 inch. 3 inch piping and bends are about $2 more per piece, the high flow cat is the same price and the muffler should only be about $10 more.
It wasn't too bad actually, my dad own's a mig so I used his but I think you can rent them. Took me about 8 hours in total but some of that was fuck ups. The first thing I did was get a piece of sheet steel and practice doing weld lines down it to get the feel of the welder then I went to work welding the piping together. Ask around if someone knows how to weld and give them a case of beer to do it for you if you want.
hmmm, my friend is a sprinkler fitter maybe I should make him do it for me, that or go to an exhaust shop
An exhaust shop will usually charge you an arm and a leg to custom make an exhaust kit for you... ask your buddy
It cost me less than $200 at my local muffler shop to get an exhaust run. Looks good, sounds good, no rattles.
theres a merlins next to my buddy's shop, they usually give his customers good deals so I'll talk to them first

what size piping did you have them run? and what muffler did you use
I went with 2-1/4" piping, but 2-1/2" would have been very close in price. Got a Dynomax muffler. A touch high-pitched, but nothing like a fartcan wide-open exhaust, and a 2.2L engine has a tough time sounding like a weedwacker. :D
it cost a 120 for my friends car like mine plus the muffler!