Times Like This

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhh pics explains itself
if this isnt bad enough, i have seen 3 kia spectras in my area with mufflers and rimms. One even with a wannabee kit. Oh and lets not forget the infamious 92 integra parked in a safeway parking lot with a "GTR" badge spack in the middle of the hood. Why? WHy????? :angry:
no fuzzy dice, no chain steering wheel and no little tassels hanging down from the ceiling...he aint a true lowrider...lol

btw...home piece better get him a new windshield soon, its cracked all to shit
Shit I think that my windshield on my truck has a bigger crack than that one.
Shit man, that's hilariouis.

I wish the carpet in my car still attached to the little tabs under the back seat.