Tire Vibration

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I have just finished my swap, and i have noticed that since i have changed out the engine, i am getting a low speed vibration from it seems to be my drivers side front wheel area. it starts around 25 mph and goes past 60....giving off a loud "road noise" as if somthing is out of round (like a tire). i just went to get it aligned, and i took it to the tire shop for them to balance and rotate the tires. they check all the tires for defects and they said they are balanced fine. the only thing i could think of is i have a semi bent axle. Even though i just bought them (rebuilt), i know they can still have a defect like that. before i go off and tear apart my suspention, i wanted to know if anyone has had this problem and if i should go a head and rip off the axles.
i had a similar thing happen.. it needed tires and an axle so i had both replaced, and got an alignment... that fixed the problem... if your tires are fine id say its probly an axle or the alignment
alignment, tires.... could be.. what wheels are you using, stock ones? maybe you need some hub rings to reduce vibration!
well i have 16 inch enkei tbs-11's wrapped with yokies avs es100's. they are brand new, i got them back in october. like i said it has not started to vibrate till i did the swap, which of course included axle swaps. now i have read that a slight bend in the axle shaft can cause it, so thats why i am thinking axle. i mean i have just had an alignment done a couple days ago, balanced and rotated tires. now true that i do have 10 year old stock bushings, but i don't think it would cause it to vibrate that much. my little nephew said it sounds like and airplane taking off.
i fixed the problem. it was a worn out wheel hub bearing. if you ever run into this prob, fyi: it is a pain to take apart the suspention, but the bearing was $85 from honda and they wanted to charge 150 for labor. i found the bearing at a parts store for 45, and gt it pressed in for 25. :)