to dyno tune or not to dyno tune

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i've heard alot of different opinions on dyno tuning from people around here. i was just wondering what everyone here thinks about it and the cost that people have seen or run into? and for that matter, is it worth that kind of money?

oh yeah and brian... Invision ownz phpbb IMO
as far as cost goes ive heard ranges from 100 - 200 / hr... less if you have a group of cars going and you can get a group discount... its definatly worth it if you have the cash to spare but its really not needed in most cases... you can tune it out by feel (but dyno) but to get every last bit of power out and tune it for the driving you do the dyno is best
Dyno is really the best... but for a benchmark- Carboy here in Houston will tune you for $180 until you get the power output you want. If you're a good customer (buy tons of stuff) with them, they'll go down to something more like $100-120 for a session to max power.

Other typical prices that I hear are $50-100/hour.
to dyno tune or not to dyno tune

this should not be a question that has to be asked IMHO
tune it on a dyno if you want all you can get out of your setup
if not you'll never really know what your puttin down at the wheels.

you can tune it by feel , estimate HP buy what you've done, but you'll prolly be off by /- 15%
Example- I went from 155 to 185whp after a quick dyno session... I was running WAY too rich before I got tuned (before tuning, right after install), but it still felt strong and I was still racking up the kills, so I would've been happy with it if I never hit the dyno. I'm glad that I did. 30whp makes a big difference.
anyone know of a good place to get dyno'd around bay area/sacramento CA? i know of motorsport dynamics in sac, and vinshu in pleasanton.. but does anyone know of any others?