tps sensor

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Ive has this swap done for a while now, a b20 into a 2000 civic, recently got the check engine light to go away it showed it was a tps sensor that the code show. But i thought iwas a bad connection, changed the plug and wires to the harness. When i crank it theres no check engine light. But i rev it past 3k rpm it the engine light comes on. Any info would be appreciated. thx
There are a few articles on this site, and lots of others by searching on Google for instructions on how to adjust your TPS. My advice would be to make sure it's adjusted right. If that doesn't yield you positive results, try replacing the TPS.
I did a swap into a 98 ek it was a d16zc boosted on 18 lbs and for 2 months there was no check engine light then it came on one day after i had been to the local races and me and my friend jumped the ecu and it flashed the tps so we checked everything and it was fine so we just unhooked the negative battery terminal for 15mins and it came back on so we replaced the sensor and it was still on so my friend re-did the wireing for the sensor all the way from my ecu and it was still on we couldnt figure it out cuz the car ran fine so i just disabled it =)
I rewired the harness bc of possible weak connection, sodered the connection, but still shows after 3ooo rpm i guess its just part of the engine...
make sure the tps is within specs , check it using a voltmeter at closed and wot and make sure the readings are within spec