MD Trade your Honda for a Trans Am?

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Golden EG
Hey guys, Im posting this ad for a buddy of mine. Like the title says hes looking for a honda to trade for. If you read this, please bump.

1996 Lt1 V8 Trans Am for sale.

mileage: 137,xxx
Color: Black:
Interior: Black cloth
Price: 4500 OBO, or trades. (what im looking for, listed below)

It has a built TCI trans with less then 5000 miles, headers, full magnaflow exhaust with Electric Cut-Off, moroso intake, b&m shift controller, on corvette Z06 wheels.
2 Digital gauges that i dont remember the name brand wired into the OBD2. They have: Ign advance, mpg, batt volts, maf air flow. 02 volts. a/f, coolant temp, trans temp, oil pressure, engine load and some others i forget. But each gauge displays two different sets of info you want at the same time.

Looking For:

Looking something clean, stock or modified. Looking for preferably, a clean hatch/crx but if its clean enough, a sedan/coupe etc. Looking for something with some fun to it, like a b series swap, or turbo. Even a well done d16 turbo would be good.

If you have any more question or wanna come look at it, you can reach Ryan at 443-487-7334,



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Wrecked it. I literally just found OEM parts locally today for $200. Getting them tomorrow. It's all cosmetic.
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Its OBO, its worth about 5000 in this area. Thats an offer the previous owner had for it but he traded it for the honda the current owner used to have.
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The mods kind of help the price, but I know what you're saying. My brother had a 96' Formula (basically the exact same car except his was a manual and had leather) so I know the woes of an LT1. Damn optispark distributor! I'd probably LS swap one if I got one. Damn do I wish it had the 6 speed.
i know i'd do it, but all i got is my broke and busted grocery getter accord.

Double0Si: My buddy says if you fix the front end damage and willing to make the travel he'd trade you. He wants to get back into the honda game, and hes not super picky at this point.
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This is it post panel swap. (Did it yesterday) I still need a core support. You can see it kinda tweaked there. A bracket for the bumper pushed in the support. Didnt even touch the radiator or anyting else. haha And passenger headlight because when the support bent it broke one of the light's mounting tabs. Mirror too obviously.
Oh and I do have the fourth wheel/tire. A friend was just borrowing it during my cars downtime.
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Side note; The hood and bumper are not even bolted on in that pic.
My lady friend had a blowout on her GSR. She doesn't have a lot of cash flow right now so I just put my wheel/tire on her car til she can get a new one. She isn't just using the tire. Haha