Trading in the ST for a C6 Vette

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Is that a Genisys coupe?
my brothers 2012 R-Spec , Slow As FACK and AC doesnt work and its been sitting at my house weeks waiting for him to buy the high side hose soo I can do a evac and recharge, its got nice brakes and is only fun if keeping it wound up high rpm, if you are just going down the road and floor it then its gutless
Its a 3.8 RSpec 305hp , lol and id say its on par with a honda, the 2 tone red/black leather interior is actually fkn nice
meh all my buddys are 500+ Club, my cars slow lol idk even when I had my FiST it ran a 14.1 1/4 @ 103 just with bolt ons and a tune and would fack up the R-Spec from a roll, it isnt a bad car dont get me wrong and they look great
The Genesis isn't a fast car. it's an entry-level sports car.

it's fun to drive.

the a/c does suck. if it sits in the sun all day, it just doesn't cool off. park in the shade, and it's fine even in 100 degree weather... cold in a min. it's odd.

it gets up to 120 pretty easily. that's enough to more than get in trouble.
The ST isn’t considered entry level it’s an upper level hot hatch. Just as the VT is an entry level hot hatch. Both Hyundai’s are OK at everything and not great at anything but reliability.
the genny is a good car im just bashing it, for the money the R-Spec is a pretty damn nice car
lol never forget where ive came from , still have the 79 civic and eventually the dohc zc will be fabbed in , its got sponsors now soo that kinda lights a fire under my ass
hit 50k miles, still dailying it