transmission oil change

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any suggestions for what is the best oil to use in my tranny. 90 zc civic.
and any tricks to prevent me from suicide when attempting to refill tranny
Q: where do you refill ?

91 civic hb d15b2 ,factory as of now , question is though , when i am under the car i see one screw with a square for my ratchet , obviously to drain the oil .. then a lil ways up is a bolt , is that truly the refill spot ? not sure so i haven't attempted this yet ...

any help would be awesome ,

Yes the higher one is the refill point. I would suggest finding a way to keep your car level when filling or close to level. Just like they have said, it should take 3.5q. You can use 5w-30 no problem or go with the honda 'genuine' transsmission oil.
sorry gonna be a cheap ass cause when i pull that motor that trannys going too , its a 4 speed stick and i hate 4 speed .. it pisses me off .. driving on the highway , shifting into 4 , just feels so empty ... like i was ripped of by not getting a 5th gear ....

10w-30 already in the back of the car , just needed that info afore i went and did something stupid ...