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can i get peeps opinions on what hydro transmission they recommend for turbo applications on b series engines....i heard ls is the best for turbo setups cuz of the long gears
I hear LS thats what I am going to use with a quaiffe differential. Some swear by gsr trannies, if you have the $ Iw oudl try both, if not use ls.
Would someone be able to explain y gsr is better than ls in terms of boost or vice versa?
gsr keeps you in the power band better.

read in our article section about mph per gear. on an ls, you will be doing 80 mph in 2nd gear, 130 in 3rd on an 8000 rpm motor - thats just too long
i also have the jdm type-r tranny w/ the 4.785 final drive....will that be even better than the gsr since it is even closer?...tia
thats a little too close. you will have a lot of power and simply backe 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears with out moving 10 feet =)

gsr is the best compromise
It depends on the turbo and what you are going to do with the car. It's a tough question.
thanx for all ur help guys....i'm jus so confused as to what tranny to go with.....i don't wanna make a mistake choosing a tranny....i have a friend who swears the ls tranny was the best for him...he said it knocked almost half a second off his quarter when he switched from gsr to ls......damn, decisions, decisions!!!!!!1