Turbo 2000 Accord

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intercooler would be the best thing for you. On a good intercooler you will only loose like .5-1 psi through the intercooler. But you will pick up 10+ HP depending on what intercooler you use. Yes the TB and intake manifold will help also. But the intake charge after a turbo is extremely hot. So the intercooler would be the best bet for now.
Why not a just get GReddy EVO exhuast w/ the dual option for Accords for the V6, and have it custom fit? And no, that's not considered rice, given the circumstances :)
I've got an intercooler already and I went with an Apexi Turbo muffler with 2.5" piping because if you go to 3" you will lose Torque, and only gain very small amount of Hp and this is my daily driver so the 2.5" was recomended by Importbuilder, Hondata, Apex'i, and many other shops! Thanks for any help, I am just looking for parts I can put on myself to get as much out of the current sutep as possible!