Turbo for a 93-95 del sol VTEC

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The topic pretty much says it all. I'm looking for an 1/8th mile car, but not a drag car. I want to put down enough horsepower to waste trans ams (is that realistically possible for a 10 thousand dollar budget including car?) Most people have told me i need low compression pistons and a hondata system so how much do you think it'd cost me total?
everyone around here runs the 1/8th....just a local thing...i dont plan on taking my car to a big drag event or anything....1/8th 1/4th i just want a fast car
Hey i think i found a turbo...it's a greddy, but it's for a 92-95 civic....they engine bays are the same as the 93-95 sols right? so it'd work i think

Yes, same engine (D16Z6) The GReddy SOHC Turbo Kit is a decent choice, you can also check out F-max (f-max.com)
Go Greddy! lol For a 1/8 mile car I would go supercharged. The greddy kit for the D16Z6 isnt fully spooled until 2500 RPM's. The supercharger route will give you instant boost. But if you go turbo deffinately get a lightweight flywheel! This will help you spool up faster. It will be hard to burn the TA's in the 1/8 cause they have all that torque off the line!
for 1/8th, i would go NA with a boat load of torque.

you'll never hang with a v8in an 1/8th with turbo... need time to spool up and to wing out 3rd