Turbo Si Hb for sale

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ok, i have a 92 civic hatch back Si, with:
1.5 JDM D15b Vtec
matching JDM trans out of a CRX si.
7.5 lbs AL fly wheel
stage 2 ACT clutch
17" 1000 miglia 205-40-z
2.5" tenzo R cat back exhaust
short throw shifter, squat knob
NGK wires and Mancore plugs
TD05 Greddy turbo kit [@5psi]
eibach ground control coil over -2"
tokico gas struts
Modine radiator with oil cooler [oil cooler not in use, i need to get pressurised fittings manufactured]

-white reflective graphics [they glow at night like a stop sign or a cop car] outlined in black pinstripeing [on hood, sides and side skirts]

-candy apple metalic fleck paint
-projector head lights w/ halo [the look like the BMW head lights]
-clear front corners

I also have a load of maintenence done to it, I love my Civic so i take good care of it [synthetic oil change every 2500 miles] pluss i do all my work myself or with my buddy who's a mechanic so all the labor was basicaly free. in parts alone i have over $8,000 not including the cost of the car.

the car has almost 170,000mi on it but the engine and trans were swapped @ 140,000mi and the turbo has less than 3,000mi on it.

I live near chicago and would be willing to deliver it [with in reason]

I'm trying to see what it's worth so give me an offer, I'll have pics up in a little bit. or you can email me [Mrzootsuit@bolt.com] and I'll send you some

Why Danny? Why are you selling it? well, last night after i sucessfully ran from the cops i feel that i need a mini van or something that i can stay out of trouble in. i love my car but i have lost my licence once before and i can't behave my self well enough [in a totaly cool turbo '92 hatch back] so it's gotta go. and i know the cops in my town, they HATE import racers, i live near Hickville so if it's not a 68 Nova then it's a target for harrassment. seriously i get pulled over 5-6 times a month for nothing, i don't usualy speed and i don't drag on the streets, my car is small [2,400 Lbs] and i'ts pushing close to 200hp and yes it is very noticeable [no i don't have neons or those dumb lights on my valve stems or a spoiler off a 747] any way i'm done being harrased and i want the car to go to some one who will like it as much as i do [chicks love my car -baum chicka woun woun-]