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yeah i was wonder if turbo charging a d16y8 w/ a greddy turbo would be a good idea? if not then what would be possible with like 3 grand. i and im probally going to put it in an 89 hatch back possible an si but theres always converting.

or should i save up and just get a b16 something or a gsr thenn turbo charge that. what would be the best bang for the buck. also power and relaibilty. so what would the best way to go be. dohc v tec and sohc v tec. i dunno so just give me so feed back.

and how much power would i be able to get outta both setups w/ like 8 psi on both the dohc and the sohc. all with stock internals. and just a turbo mostlikely a greddy?
I would always go with a b series engine over the d's b's are much stronger. The b18b is the simplest to boost and the engine is not that exsensive. The GSR is a strong engine but it is a little harder to tune for turbo. If you do have the time, a turbo b18c1 will make you faster than 99.999999999999% of the cars on the road.