Type R buildup

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I have decided to go with a JDM type r swap in my 96 hatch. I am going all motor of course but would like to use this as a daily driver also. What is the most performance i can get out of this and still have a dependable driver i would like to do everything to the motor before it goes in. I am going to have someone do the swap and i need to get everything i'm gonna get done with $7500
intake, header (if you dont get the 4-1 with it), high flow cat, exhaust, 70mm throtle body, blow by catch can, cams / cam gears, springs, high compression pistons, port and polish everything you can, get a 5 angle valve job, lightweight flywheel, clutch / pressure plate, quaife LSD, high compression metal head gasket, oil pump gear, oil cooler / filter relocater, tranny cooler / filter, extra strength timing belt, underdrive pulleys, manual steering rack, toss the AC, wrap the header, wrap the intake, use heat sheild fabric on the oil pan, get a skid plate for the 4-1 header so it doesnt get dinged(it hangs pretty low), hondata S200 for tuning, thats about all i can think of right now
uhh 7 grand huh?

5500 for an ITR swap.
1000 for install.

uhh.... take your wife out to lunch with the change.

seriously dude-- it may cost you more than a grand to get an ITR put in... or any motor for that matter.... it's not cheap.
nor is the swap.
and you will need stupid things like belts, hoses, etc that wont line up just right from other cars.

id say start saving if you want to do mods.....

OR are you refferring to having 7gs left over AFTER the swap/buying of the motor... cuz then , its a different ball game :)
they charge $600 to swap a motor in around here
do it yourself... especially since you have an obd2 car and obd2 engine. you'll just have to run the vtec wires if you dont already have them.

[deep-intelligent voice]Plus its a great learning experience jam packed with mechanical insight and an overall great time![/deep-intelligent voice]
Originally posted by one zexy crx@Nov 4 2002, 03:52 PM
do it yourself... especially since you have an obd2 car and obd2 engine. you'll just have to run the vtec wires if you dont already have them.

depends on which version of OBD2 the engine is and the car is.
well i'm in school right now so i have absolutely no time and i was going to try and find someone who would do teh whole thing for around 800 or so plus i'm on a navy base and i could use the autoshop but it's not the same as doing it at your house because i would have to do it all in one weekend and i just can't do that...i just need to find a good shop to swap my engine in va
a swap can easily be done in a weekend.
drain it thurs night.. jack it up, wheels off, bumper off
walk to work friday :)
walk home friday
start ripping it apart pull out
sat put in
sun finish wiring, and drive away