type r teggy

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so what do u guys think? is this a real type r or did some one just drop a b18c5 in this bucket? :moon: ebay
looks legit to me...

but it also looks like they half asses that conversion...
but at 12k for an R- id be all over it if i wasnt selling out :)
looks real for the most part but it needs a lot of work
they sure did make it look ugly i wouldve left it stock.theres no way that conversion make it worth more.
where are the type R badges on that car?? here is a pic of a stock type R
he has one sticker on the back, but hes missing the rear spoiler, shift knob, the type r insignia on the back carpet. and i thought they had a metal vin plate in the engine bay that actually said type r on it which he doesnt have. i might be wrong.
i dont know

Look in the trunk


what dont you see??

the rubber shit that they use as sound insulation. ITRs dont have that to save weight. plus all the things that everone has mentioned so far.

However, NO ITR came with A/C that i know of.

and according to our VIN article this is car 1276, not #50 as he claims

i would still put my $ on it being real tho
this is off teamsol.com

The VIN you entered translates to:
Based on the Vehicle Identification Number, this (Unknown Year Y) Honda (Unknown Grade 1) was number 1,276 to roll off the production line at Suzuka, Japan. It is a 3 Door Hatchback (Manual), (Unknown Type 4), with a (Unknown Engine DC2) engine.

I will keep looking for a site that has more detail
screw the above post because both teamsol + hondaswap only have listings up to 1998
i thought the real typ r's ahad a rear strut bar and tpyr wrote on the seats and and on the side of the caar