Tyson Wins It... 1st Round!

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tyson beats cliff etienne in first round... 48 seconds... i wouldnt fight that man for a fully built crvtec motor... and his tat is mean looking.
Tyson fights are a fucking scam. This is the second time he has knocked someone out first round. He had the flu 2 days ago and now he beats someone in 48 seconds? Get fucking real. Its called, i'm Mike Tyson, I have money and I'll pay you to loose.
My guess is Mike would not be the one paying the other guy to loose but more so the people behind the show becuase they know it will help sell tickets later on down the road for the next tyson fight =)

then again he could have beat him in a full clean match too bad I did not watch it =(

kazaa is your friend. i'm downloading right now

Sure you're right brother, it's the next best thing since Vtec. I love Kazaa Lite. Don't settle for ads and bullshit, just go straight for the goods.
ok, i just watched it, that shit is wack. i'm no boxing analyzing (sp?) expert, but that guy totally took a fall. tyson blows anyway, he's no boxer anymore. i could take him :sleep: .
Originally posted by doofnoil@Feb 22 2003, 10:58 PM
gimme a handful of pcp and a full body novacaine rubdown and I'd fight him for a stick of gum?

LMFAO :lol:

i agree with kylemarhx. it looks fixed. those guys still get paid tons if they lose too.
49 seconds guys, he was a trooper :lol: . It does look fixed in that he recovered so fast and that tyson tried to help him up before the ten count but he went down. If tyson buddypunched any of us in the shoulder, we'd be knocked out cold when we landed and hit our head on the floor. The man can stil box, he's just a piece of shit. And yes, that is tyson from punchout over on the left there.
Tyson isn't a boxer anyways, hes a street fighter and cant go the distance like other boxers, thats where he run into trouble, he is a knockout king.
If he doesnt knock out his oppents in the first few rounds he'll lose cause he has no stamina.
Im not saying he cant hit hard, thats about all he can do, that and bite.
Originally posted by one zexy crx@Feb 22 2003, 07:55 PM
i wouldnt fight that man for a fully built crvtec motor...

i gladly would, ESPECIALLY for a million bucks, from what i understand thats what the other fighter got paid. Shit 1 million bucks, for 48 seconds in the ring.. hell yea. That works out to $20,833.33 a second!!!!. Thats more than what some ppl make in a year. I'd be all over that.
I might have been fixed, but Don King was not involved at all, which makes me believe otherwise. Tyson did hit the guy pretty fucking hard. If he did go down it wasn't an accident, but when he took out the mouthpiece right away, that is what makes me believe that it could have been fixed.
This is why i see its staged...

2 days before the fight he had really bad flu and cancelled.. Then miraculously (sp?) the next day said he was going to fight. By then the other guy backed out also. Then, from the hotel to the limo, he hid his face, making it look like it wasn't him. Tyson shows up, 48-49 seconds later the guy is knocked out.

Come on!

We all know it HAD to be short, he has more girls to rape!