Ultimate Street Machine

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whats up...probably like all of u, i want to build the ultimate street machine....cant decide between h22/t or LS/t. I have a 1996 civic ek hatchback and i dunno what motor to put in, keeping in mind i plan to boost it. Im probably hit the drag track, but not really into the race track ( whats the proper word for the race track that you go around turns and do laps) , but i plan to make this a daily driver. what motor should i go with? i would like handling, but i think i can sacrific some handling to go quick in a straight line. thanx
if your main concern is straight line do the H22A
get the suspension done and it will be fine for normal driving
I would like to know if anyone has been able to keep a/c with the prelude conversion. My lil bro has a 94 prelude si, and from the looks of it, that motor won't fit with the ac compressor. I've also heard that turboing(sp?) this motor is not too hot of an idea. Any thoughts?
H22 NA in a civic yes you can keep it ... FI no you cant keep AC and i dont think you can keep the PS either