Usdm Engine Swap, Street Legal

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I am interested in getting either a b16 or a b18 and i want to know if USDM engines are street legal. said the both JDM and USDM aren't street legal and the engines were for race cars only.
I think they say that blanket statement to cover their butts legally. How could US engines not be legal in the US?? Plus, my JDM engine is perfectly legal here in Colorado.
Of course your JDM engine is ok in Colorado, Our emissions and police officers don't even know what to look for...They see a Honda and just assume to pull you over for being there. LOL, I'm doing a USDM LS swap just for the ease of finding parts here. If your in california you might have issues with the JDM's but ANY USDM engine is legal in the US.
Well, Cali has some fucked up laws, and they're usually the exception when it comes to swapping engines.

Hey, you're in Boulder? I work in Boulder and live in Longmont.
I live in Louisville and go to school in Boulder...LOL CU sucks. That's kinda cool to find someone that is in the neighborhood. Oh yea...California is :ghey:
Originally posted by beau_safken@Feb 21 2003, 08:52 AM
Oh yea...California is :ghey:


Ha. Anyway, yeah there are a few of us here in the area. 93solman also lives in Louisville and goes to school at CU. kaoskustoms is up in Longmont with me. What car do you drive?

CU isn't THAT bad :) ...I graduated from there about 4 years ago.
CU just sucks after you've been there for a while ya know...LOL could be worse. I drive a 95 civic dx. There will be an engine swap happening next weekend, I'm dropping in a B18B1 and bolting up a 5Zigen Fireball catback, AEM short ram, Arospeed 4-2-1 ceramic header, ACT HDSS clutch kit and getting my flywheel machined down some. It's gonna kick some ass when its done. And back on topic, the B18B1 I'm dropping in is USDM and will be hella nice. I will sacrifice a couple horsepower to have it legal anywhere in the US.