Valentine's Day- What are you doing?

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It's only stupid if it doesn't work
Just wanted to see if anyone is pulling anything creative this year. While I don't have a significant other to speak of, I did send some flowers...:ph34r:
i think i'll be sipping on some of this

Going to the cape house for a long weekend. Really just cards and dinner.

Last year we bought a TV for the bedroom, this year, probably nothing.

Vday is so over-rated.
I've got a little bit planned. My girl doesn't like being surprised but I like surprising her so I gotta be careful. I'm walking the line of making her laugh or getting slapped...though, to be honest, either one is worth it. Dinner, art show, live music, movie. With a little something extra in there...
Whistler for 3 days. Skiing and drinking. We'll have fun. Exchange cards and such.

I was given new rock and republics, the associate by john grisham, and a big collage picture in a nice frame of my girl and I.

It's pretty sweet picture, and I need to get my tools from work to hang it up because she's going to be pissed if I don't soon.
The part of my plans involving one of the girls I was dating fell through.

I'm not asking this other one out for Vday. I'm going to get massacred at the Valentine's Day Massacre that my friend is DJ'ing at the club.
yeah me and mine broke up, i got the talk. so im taking someone else out. no big deal.
the fiance and i will be spending the night together just relaxing, ill make a kick ass dinner then perhaps some sex will occur.
I'm not going out to dinner thats for sure. Most likly will cook up some Filets on the grill, make some garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, nice bottle of Shiraz. Watch a movie and then attempt to engage in sexual activity.
When is steak and blowjob day?

Google says it's March 14th. I'll wait for that...
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Sittin at home with the girl and my son. No sexual activity will take place, on account of the recent birth. :( Should still be a nice night though, getin some relaxation.