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well I got a really sweet quote on some KYB AGX's
$339.00 for the 4, ~$84 ea

the place is

so have you or would you buy from these guys/gals ??
On (before the crash) some of the guys had purchased their Koni's through and said that they were great.
Yeah, thier prices are a little high. $588 for Koni Yellows. Hmmm. I am hoping to pay closer to $500 for Yellows.
$84 ea is the best price I've found so far.
I've got a quote from another source at KYB/AGX = $410
I can get AGX's for as low as $300 flat depending on application!
Originally posted by knowledge@Oct 18 2002, 05:52 AM
I can get AGX's for as low as $300 flat depending on application!

ok, tell me where to go, plz
I bought my agx's for $295 shipped...Ebay :ghey: This was like a week or so ago. They're at my house now...the guy was cool and didn't give me any problems whatsoever.
ask jason at, he gets his products at the same cost as everyone else and doesn't have the same markup.
Go hit on Group Buy Center. They always have a deal going where you can nab a set for the 5G Civic for $340 shipped. I got mine from them a while back, and they're an extremely solid company. If Jason @ AllJDM doesn't have them, try Cox.