VSA ABS CEL question

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Hi everybody, I just registered to the forum. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge from the website. With that said, I currently have a 2008 honda accord v6 6mt 110xxx miles on it.
With the engine off and the key turned to the on position, the VSA ABS CEL stays lit after its suppose to go off. Will having the spark plugs removed and coils unplugged cause the dash lights to stay on?
It's possible the ecu needs to reset after the battery has been unplugged. Drive a bit and go through a few cycles to see if it goes back to normal.
Hey Briansol thanks for replying. The spark plugs are off and the coils are unplugged right now, when I turn the key without cranking it to check the dash lights the vsa abs /!\ cel light stays lit.
I just finished changing out the engine a couple of days ago and was checking it over before I try starting it up, I hope its not something else.
If things are unplugged, i wouldn't count on the diagnostics running correctly. I honestly don't know that those things are even tested in key on position, but it's generally not a good idea to make assumptions with things unplugged.
So I plugged the coils back in, rechecked the dash with key in II position and the CEL VSA WARNING /!\ still stays on. The needle for the temp gauge starts to rise until it's maxed out at H. I checked the codes with a code reader and it's throwing a P0118 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High. I plugged different ECT sensors in both locations; the one by thermostat housing and on the radiator by lower hose; still shows the same code and dash lights. I tried clearing the code but it comes back right away, I really need to get this car back on the road. Any idea what it could be or what else I can try to solve it, the help is really appreciated.
Problem - with the key in II (on) position and engine off, the temp gauge max out at hot, CEL VSA /!\ light stays on, it stays the same when I start the engine, lights on and temp gauge still maxed out at hot. Code reader says ECT sensor 1 high circuit. swapped out with 3 different sensors I had laying around, same thing. I don't want to drive it like this. Please does anyone have a solution?
So, if it's not the sensor (ruled out with multiple units), and the car isn't actually hot (cold start), the only logical thing left is the wiring. Are you sure you have the right sensor plugged in to the right harness?
It is original harness from honda accord. I changed the sensor over from the original motor also thinking maybe the one on the swap was bad, same problem. I don't have a volt meter right now, this is my only mode of transportation so I'm limited to how far I can go. How would I start checking the wiring harness