Vtec Crossover & rev limiter

might be a silly question:

1) where is the vtec crossover suppose to be at?

2) where is the rev limiter suppose to be at?

My ECU is a PR3 obd0 in a EF8 with a 2nd gen b16a SIR II.

NE help would be grate thanx.
yeah i do have an aftermarket rpm gauge hooked up and its hooked up to the ecu.

im also taking the readings off the vafc and that is also hooked up to the ecu.


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are the wires soder together or elecrtical tape cause even though you put electrical tape on it the little volts that it loses will make a difference like for instance i hooked up a air/fuel ratio in my car i had the wires taped together and it didnt work i was pissed so i called autometer and they said soder them and it will then explained about losing some volts will make a difference. Not sure but thats what i would try its a simple thing and it might work. if not let us know and we might be able to figure it out. by the way after you souder them make sure you melt shrink wrap on it.
sauder---> saw-der <---- cant spell it so ill pronoce it