Vtec Solenoid?

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ok vtec people where should i connect my vtec solenoid oilpressure line on my mini me setup. should i make a brass "T" right at the line above my oil filter or what is the best way so vtec will actuate? thanks
You need to install a threaded T-fitting into the hole where your oil pressure sending unit goes. Re-install the OPSD in one end and run the line off the other. Get something sturdy. I've see softer metals crack off ond blow oil everywhere. This could cost a motor at high RPM's. Also, determine now if you are going to run a mechanical oil pressure gauge in the car now because you may want to make your splitter with three prongs.
All the local shops told me that on a mini me (assuming you are using the non vtec ecu and activating vtec via a switch or rpm activation switch) you dont have to run the vtec oil pressure sensors anywhere. I just finished my mini me on my car and hooked vtec up to a switch and it screams. I didnt do anything with the oil pressure sensor on the vtec sylenoid.