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i have a 92' civic hb with a d15z1 sohc with vtec, the vtec seems to kick in around 3000 rpms is that normal?


doesnt sound right to me...id think it would kick in at about 4k ish
also i dont know if they are related at all but in all gears around 1500-3000 rpms if i am just going at a steady rate and not really accelarating much occasionally it feels like the motor cuts out for a second, like its not getting fuel or something. ive changed my fuel filter, airfilter, put in new spark plugs, new cap and rotor. and it still does it. its been like that since i bought the car about 2 months ago and at first i thought it might be the fuel pump but it would have gone out by now so im not sure if maybe its a bad fuel injector or ecu or what.
I am pretty sure honda tunes the engine so that if you aren't accelerating hard and are just cruising alot at the normal cruising speed (2000 rpm or so) the engine is more quite
the z1 engine normally engages vtec around 2500-3k rpms unlike the z6 where it is more up around 4500 or so. Don't forget that vtec-e is completely different and aimed more toward fuel and emissions efficiency so they're kind of assuming you're not going to be revving it to 9k
alright well thanks for the info. now how do i take a post off this page? sorry im new to this.


You can go through and delete your own posts, or you can edit them out (both with the "edit" button)- but there's no need to get rid of it. Just stop replying to it and the thread will fall off the active thread list on its own.
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unless its like that "I need advice" thread...some just WONT die
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yeah sorry about that... :lol:

if you're feeling ballsy you can always piss off a mod and they'll gladly delete your post for you if you don't feel like deleting it yourself :shrug2: