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watched it tonight on dvd.

ehh, it was ok.

i actually fell asleep iin the beginning. i was bored. i woke up when the midget was talking shit to worshack in jail... so i may have missed something.

I failed the janey/laurie split. i thought the were the same chick most of the movie.


You missed a lot, lol. And yeah, if you've read and enjoyed the comic, then you'll probably get a lot more out of it. If you haven't read the comic it may be a bit confusing and tedious...
If you think his name is "worshack" you either missed a lot, didn't try, or really can't spell - I give you a D- B. Try again.
Just stole it. I figure since I can download it via torrent, I should also be able to rip it off from the movie store. Hope it's worth the time it took to swipe.