Water Where The 4th Spark Plug Goes

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I got clean engine..

Because the valve cover cracked we opened the valve cover to take if the cams were damaged but luckily only the valve cover inside was little bent on the Valve Cover.

After that we took out the plugs that go into the spark plug all 3 were dry expect the **4th One Had Water about an inch!!!

hopefully the water is stuck where the spark plug is and the spark plug protecting my head from letting the water going in and hopefully water didn't go in yet!!

My homeboi said he had this happen to him he sucked the water out with a vacum he said that shouldn't be a problem...

let me know your thoughts!!!
I don't want to return the engine!!
the vacuum idea sounds like a good plan, or you could just try and rig up some sort of rag deal, or you could just pull out the spark plug let the water fall into the cylinder, keep the spark plug out fire it up run it on 3 cylinders for a few minutes and let the cylinder blow itself out, or just keep it in there and have a custom cooled spark plug ;) , J/K

If no water made it inside the block then don't worry about it, if it did run a compression test as soon as you get the water out of the cylinder because damage may have occured to the sleeve. All cylinders should read within 10% of each other.